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This package comes with search coils, master sound headphones, camo daypack, pro-pointer AT, coil cover, batteries as well as At pro ball cap. If you are looking for relics, artifacts, or treasure, you’ll need a more powerful, deeper seeking detector. Some have more than one operating mode and can be used for various types of detecting. With so many different Metal Detectors to choose from, this list of our 12 Best Selling Metal Detectors can give any newcomer and present customer looking to upgrade to a better detector, an up-to-date picture of the most popular detector models our customers are choosing. Metal detectors from Kellyco can help both the hobbyist treasure-hunter and professional discover those unique and precious finds- and here you’ll find some of our best.

Ground Balance – many metal detectors have varying options and degrees of sophistication in allowing you to cancel, or adjust for, the minerals in the ground so that the metal detector will not alert you in error. This short “beginners guide to metal detecting” will focus on helping you understand the basics of metal detectors and how to find the best detector for you. What we like: This lightweight metal detector is well-balanced and easy to maneuver.

While the “standard” mode is easier to use, the pro setting provides an audible target ID that allows you to judge the shape, depth and size of the object. Whether you’re searching for coils in iron-ridden soil, looking for lost trinkets in dry sand, or even hunting underwater (see our list of the best underwater metal detectors for more information), the AT Pro can handle it. Detectors usually come with a medium-size coil, which provide decent balance between sensitivity and depth.

The most common question we get asked here at Mr Metal Detector is “what is the best metal detector” so we’ll do our best to answer that question and review some frequently asked questions at the same time. At Mr Metal Detector we provide in depth metal detector reviews of all the top metal detector brands.

,The AT MAX is another great option that’s more expensive, but includes features like wireless audio and a true all-metal mode. It’s suitable for most types of detecting, including both fresh and saltwater, while the waterproof control unit is rated for depths up to 10 meters. If you want to use the machine underwater, you’ll need to buy some waterproof headphones separately.

The Ground EFX – MC1 Youth had the worst showing, but still managed to locate nine out of the 12 objects. In total, we used one yellow-gold ring, two white-gold rings, a silver bracelet relic, a silver belt buckle relic, a silver pocket watch relic, three one dollar coins and three quarters. So, we used a wide variety of coins, relics and gold. Second, we did a similar test in which we scattered metallic trash around our test items to see if that trash would confuse the detector.

However, your settings will be saved only for the custom mode. For historical objects made out of iron, copper, bronze… many devices can do the job like the ACE 300i. However, an advanced user may find this inconvenient because he hunts different kinds of soil like wet beach sand and mineralized ground. A treasure can be found buried in a cache underground or in shipwrecks.

Calibration: Often, you will be using your metal detector in soil full of metallic minerals. If you plan on using your detector underwater, make sure that the coil will be waterproof. We engaged all seven metal detectors in five tests: a general detection test, a discrimination test, a depth test, an underwater test and an ergonomics test.

Ground balance control – Control over the field for balancing (to account for different geologies) is also helpful, as this can be very diverse even in a localized area, and can severely affect the ability to detect something. Pinpointing – This isn’t something that all metal detectors can do, but the more sophisticated ones, with more modulated fields, can actually do zooming to pinpoint more precisely where, laterally, a detection is, and how deep it is.

It is good for coins, jewelry, prospecting, shallow water hunting, beach hunting. With the former, all metals will be detected, while you can use the latter one for discrimination, thus iron, zinc, coin can be discriminated. This detector comes with FBS 2 technology and uses multiple frequency transmission systems that allow you to find more targets effortlessly at even greater depths.

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Notch discrimination patterns, which allow you to notch out or accept specific discrimination patterns. This allows the user to receive more information about what they have found in the ground via a number. The Garrett ACE 300i features a digital target ID number on the LCD screen of 0 – 99. I believe if you make the purchase you will be more than satisfied with the Garrett ACE 400i as your first machine. I would class it as a mid-range machine but one that has been designed and executed in such a way that a beginner with a slightly larger budget can enjoy.

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It’s not a simple detector, it’s a serious piece of machinery for serious and professional treasure hunters. This machine isn’t cheap, but it’s one of the best if you want to use your time finding valuable items instead of junk. The third feature we’d like to point out is the real-time computerized ground balancing.

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While all beaches have a lot of metal that will set off your detector, freshwater beaches tend to have more junk metal hits than a saltwater beach does. A ground balancing feature will neutralize how your detector sees those minerals, making all ground seem equal.

If we meant to dig for gold, we could change from VCO to 2 or 3. This means it can accept or reject notch for more precise search.

Another good metal detector for those just starting out or on a budget is the Garrett AT Gold with its easy to understand controls and its ability to upgrade as your skills improve. The Fine Gold timing has even more sensitivity and depth than the enhanced mode, so you can find even more nuggets deep in the ground. With improved electronics to increase target sensitivity, the Minelab GPX 5000 comes equipped with 8 preset search modes that make it easy to switch and start detecting. No other metal detector is capable of finding gold, both large and small, in such a wide range of ground conditions.

Kids need a bit of discrimination control to find the good stuff or they get bored. Minelab have made the National Geographic Pro, which is a top quality brand, so it’s not the cheapest kids’ detector, but those really inexpensive ones are simply a waste of money. It’s due to the bright orange color which looks a bit over the top, but when you’re hunting on your knees in a muddy field, river creek or windy beach it only takes a few seconds to lose sight of your pinpointer. For the price, you’d expect the best and this machine comes with wireless headphones – a real bonus, and instructions embedded in the computer on top of everything other machines offer. White’s engineers know what frequencies you’re most likely to find dropped money on, but if you fancy tuning it up even more you can manually adjust the discrimination capabilities.

This feature is extremely helpful especially if you are detecting in places like rivers, woods and even best metal detectors forest. Indeed, it is waterproof up to 10 feet, thus you can use it underwater in the beach or rivers.

You can fine-tune the iron discrimination which also separates the Euroace metal detector from it’s predecessors. LCD screen which displays the Target ID graphic, Depth indicator, Battery level meter, the mode you have selected and the sensitivity level. The increased size of the search coil to 10 inches makes metal detecting MORE EFFICIENT.

The operating frequency of 7.69kHz is great for coins and relics, but is not suitable for gold – for that you’ll need a dedicated gold prospecting detector. Target identification numbers provide a guide as to what metal has been found, which can be a huge time saver by helping you avoid duds in trashy areas.

The Garrett Ace 400 is a high-tech metal detector with a comprehensive control panel. On top of everything this metal detector comes with a lifetime warranty.