TrueFlip Bitcoin Casino Review – Rating & Bonus Offers

Right off the bat, TrueFlip casino declares that they possess the biggest jackpot in the gambling market. The blockchain casino features a layout that is beautiful, promotes winnings that are translucent, boils will appealing promotions along with plenty of matches for all sorts of gamblers. To justify their status, marketed over 120,000 lottery tickets in 2018, bringing a lot of gamers in their blockchain-tech platform.

TrueFlip Casino Review

Even the blockchain casino premiered in 2016. To stand out from other bitcoin casinos, TrueFlip created their in-house currency TFL (TrueFlip Tokens) which makes it feasible for collectors to win rewards and have a state about the lottery development. The movement has seen a comprehensive customer base who will foresee the development potential as we move away from conventional casinos to gaming platforms, the site has is attracted by the stage.

TrueFlip Mobile

TrueFlip Casino is optimized for play. The game can be accessed by punters via iOS and Android-powered smart devices. The platform is currently currently employed to tighten its security on connections that are secure and increasing coin storage. Decentralized gaming has observed TrueFlip casino get granted a gaming license under the Curacao laws. The website is run by the True Group SRL incorporated to operate global and in its own home nation Costa Rica.

TrueFlip Games

Blockchain casino comes with a whole load of crypto games which players love. Punters on this website take their chances and also make bets to try and win the Rewards. To enhance fairness and trust that the platform uses blockchain-based casino that displays real results for each lottery played.

The number of monthly winners rounds up to approximately 8k; the numbers paid results to 6.6BTC. TrueFlip utilizes hashes that are unpredictable to determine the winning variety of the game to encourage fair play. The hash codes are placed on GitHub to generate incomes.

The line of software and tech incorporated generates random numbers for the attraction, players that are lucky to pick numbers have their wallets replenished with no intermediary involvement.

The platform encourages users all over the globe to purchase a ticket without sharing their information that is sensitive and select numbers and promotes anonymity. All generated results are displayed publicly; the Jackpot prizes are checked by punters by selecting the site address and pasting it on any bitcoin blockchain platform. The crypto games on TrueFlip casino comprise; Quick to the Moon, the Code and the Star of Flip of Chain.

Quick to the Moon Game

Rapid into the Moon lottery sport wagers begin from $2.58 or 0.0001 BTC. The game is fast paced, and players can select a single number from 1-4 plus 8 amounts. Every game round and between 10 and 30 minutes play. Gamers can obtain a lot of tickets and perform the bet in the forthcoming draws.

Players may get into the jackpots and decoration pool at the draw archive segment that retains all combos. Gamers receive a minimal into the draw that is upcoming, the finance becomes transferred in most cases where there are no appropriate guesses.

String's Code Game

Another crypto blockchain game which is included with fast play and prompt payouts.The game utilizes a pseudorandom number generator (Mersenne Twister) that needs that players select a combo of amounts. All combos are made within seconds, along with the minimum bet total is 0.000020BTC.

The bet wagered gets pulled in the punter's account as the game plays on, along with also the number combinations are formed. A leaderboard is formed the instant a sequence becomes decided by the system. Winning combos awards become deposited to accounts that were punters . Multiplayer comes in handy to get prize amounts ranging from x1 to x5. The total winning amount gets multiplied; however, the gambling price also comes in at a different distance.

Switch's Star Game

The fundamentals of the game are in line with those of a Power Ball, the good thing is, in this crypto chances are relatively higher. Players need only send them to the coming and up draw , fill them up and purchase tickets. Players can perform the same bet.

Before filling on tickets, punters are made to develop with 5 numbers in between 1 and 49 plus one digit. Ticket costs are $1.47 or 0.0002BTC. Players can purchase as many tickets as they so wish. Matched numbers determine winning a decoration share to grant players along with winning tickets. All draws are exhibited on ledgers permitting players to cross reference the archive holding top winning numbers. Casino Features

The casino presents just two goods to punters; everyday lotteries and Tokens. Gamers wishing to test their luck on this platform can do so through one or all three crypto games. Players who purchase the tokens (TFLs) gain several shares of the business.

The shares are dependent on daily customer numbers. The higher the number of gamers, the profit becomes generated. Token holders vote on additional blockchain casino development and profit from holder's only TrueFlip bonus.

Free TFL Tokens

The programmer added it to their incentive system and also created Flipcoin. Users that market bitcoins, TFL tokens, encourage the project and use other cryptocurrencies get Flipcoins because the benefit.

Casino's menu bar is, and all info that is essential is placed. The site also makes it feasible for punters to keep tabs on stakes, trades and is clear, and wins. All programs are readily available, and all the information on numbers that are ordinary and combos are availed to the ledger.

Privacy Policy

The casino is made to offer amusement, user participation and provides additional bonuses to players. The developer is doing all that can be done to make this the best bitcoin lottery website by being the top best blockchain casino. Gamers from anywhere on the planet are welcome when they buy TFL tokens to have their own say on the development of the casino.

TrueFlip Promotions 2019

The site offers users rewards alongside exclusive prizes for holders. Moreover, The casino is really proud of having the blockchain casinos' most important and best jackpot. Players which take a chance on Chain's Code and Rapid into the Moon crypto games become gifted with prizes. Users can also buy Gift Cards should they so wish.

TrueFlip Referral Program

Users will need to sign up for a TrueFlip accounts first, before testing the waters on this casino. Users can sign up to get the referral program and encourage their friends, families, and other people to become a part of this site below their referral codes, after setup. Invites attract 2 percent of the new account holders' winnings. Punters also make an extra 5 percent when they figure out how to sell tickets via their referral hyperlinks.

Deposits & Withdrawals

To allow it to be attractive to a lot of users TrueFlip casino employs a variety of payment methods like Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, along with Bitcoin Cash. Deposits and withdrawals are done. To make sure transactions stay secure and safe the system uses all operations and 2FA verification are done through email.

The blockchain ledger that is people enrolls all transactions which makes them open to all people taking part on the platform so everybody can follow what is happening. Winners are awarded prizes that were 100% free of any charges, when it comes to concessions. The sole real thing is a commission which gets billed to the whole prize pool completed prior to the attraction.

Users have the chance to choose. They are advised to replicate Bitcoin addresses that were exceptional and use the same to create an withdrawal wallet. Users start the shareholders' profile tab to buy tokens.

Is TrueFlip Legit?

Casino is not a scam; it's been appreciated as the reliable and protected blockchain casino. The casino operates on technology that is transparent and doesn't come with preset odd. All results are derived.

All gamers need to do is to using a legitimate email address and create a password to get into the casino. All information entered are validated after verification to make certain that scammers are kept at bay.


TrueFlip Casino is a blockchain driven lottery that continues to win most clients hearts. Players with this stage have to check their fortune through the transparent online casino. If you want a platform which contains company that is dependable and uses bitcoin, TrueFlip is where to be!

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